Thats (not) all, folks!LOL We are involved in more, than that. Here you can meet some of the "side-effects" of our other activities.

Sysadmin's ParadiseFor the beginning, couple of books we have written/or are under continuous development

And, if you beleved, that where selfish ones, take a look below!



Yep, we're deeply involved in the preparation, preliminary research, on-site documentation and whatever you can imagine related with two interesting hockey related works by Dave Bidini. The Canadian sports-writer and rock musician relied mostly on our support for the Romania-related parts of his famous book, Tropic of Hockey: My Search for the Game in Unlikely Places (we're one of "players" in the book too...) and the documentary made later based on the book, The Hockey Nomad (2003) . We meet not by the chance: prior this we began to build in 1997 the first ever Romanian hockey site, the one which became later the official site of the multiple champion and coup winner "Csíkszeredai Sport Club". We maintained the site until August 2008, and, from 2006 to April 2009 we built and maintained the site of the younger, challenging team of the city HC Csíkszereda until this was discontinued. The cherry on the pie in our hockey-related activity was the contribution to the organizing the 75'th anniversary of the local hockey team, where we was in charge with the expo in the Csíki Székely Múzeum about the local hockey history in 2004 and contributed to the official anniversary book. We where rewarded by the organizing committee with a special diploma. But this was only the tip of the iceberg, in past two decades we had largely contributed to the public image of local hockey in other forms too, from being part of Stefan Kreuger's effort to maintain it's interesting swedish-romanian hockey portal, to forum posts, data addition in public databases and repertories as Eurohockey.net, etc..


  • We're offering translation services too, mainly from English to Hungarian and Romanian, but other language combinations are available, ask for it! We're translated almost everything, from EU regulations to flying regulations for pilots of civil airlines, environmental book written by Japanese scientists for Hungarian students. Give us a try, we're quick, accurate and dirty cheap!

Software localization

We're translated and localized a lot of software, both open source and proprietary. Here are two examples from the opposite ends of the scale:

  • ATLAS - the market leading, Microsoft awarded suite for managing local taxation, from planning to e-payment.
  • Report Magic - the preferred companion for Analog - the popular open source log-file analyzer.

Internet on a floppy 

  • Surprised? Don't be! When you're searching on any of leading search engines, to find something relevant for the queries like "Hungarians Abroad"  you may think no manpower is needed. Wrong!  Maybe you're surprised but the work of hundreds of skilled and devoted people made this possible. Whenever, when you find a relevant result when you search for let's say "Ethnic Hungarians", "Transylvania", "Hungarians in South Eastern Asia" you can be sure: you'll see the result of our work!

And at the end, a story about the everyday life of one IT-manufacturer

  • If you're curious where and how we used to spend our working days before opted for freelancing. A tale with some bitter taste (available in Hungarian only).