Simple component to submit, display and distribute prayer requests.

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27 January 2019
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Bulk Related Product Manager for VirtueMart
Bulk Related Product Manager for VirtueMart

A little component to manage related products in bulk easily for the current branch of VirtueMmART.

You can filter for Category and manufacturer to select the target products, then select from the list the products you want to manage in the first step. In the second step you can select the related products, and you can save the obtained combination to be reused.

On the third and last step you can select what to happen with the combinations you created in the previous steps:

  • Add related products to selected products in the list
  • Add related products to ALL products in the list
  • Remove related products from selected products in the list
  • Remove related products from ALL products in the list
  • Remove all related products from selected products in the list
  • Remove all related products from ALL products in the list
  • Just save the list

You also have couple of configuration options handy

  • Show/hide unpublished products
  • Show/Hide related product images
  • Thumbnail size for the product list
  • Sort by product name or SKU
  • Sort order ASC/DESC
  • Maximu number of results per page
  • Debug - switch on the debug mode for component only which let you find out what is wrong
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12 December 2020
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Conditional Discounts for VirtueMart
Conditional Discounts for VirtueMart

Conditional Discounts for VirtueMart is a package containing a backend component, a module and a plugin to manage conditional discounts - discounts which are available when you buy together two or more products.

 The component controls the relationships between products. You can define master products by selecting individual VirtueMart products and categories, associate with them slave products, in similar way, select a discount type (percentage or fixed amount) and discount amount, and promotion validity timeframe, wich can be a timeframe delimited by startand end date, an open ended period - with setting up only a promotion start date and end date, or none of them.

The module need to be published for all menu items in a template position, but will produce visible output ONLY on the product detail page of a master product, showing up associated slave products, with checkboxes to select them and an add to cart product to add in the cart the master product and the selected slave products.

The plugin does the core trickery. Works only on cart, and applies the discounts for slave products ONLY when the associated master product is also found in the cart, otherwhise the products are showing with their base price. If there is a master product in the cart, withouth any associated slaves, a popup will show up - with an easy to change text - wich alerts the buyer about the missed deal. IF the master product is removed from the cart, the prices are re-calculated on the fly, so buyers can't cheat the system by initially adding the discounted combination and later removing the master product from the cart.


The package might give errors or display incorrect prices if is used in combination with another VirtueMart plugins for manipulating the product prices. Tested and works with most coupon solutions for VirtueMart.

The component comes AS IS, withouth any guarantees. Yes, you are getting what you are paying for ;)

If you found a bug or have difficulties in using it, post a message via our forum, we try to respond ASAP. If you need modifications, extensions, tweaks, contact us!

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04 December 2021
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